Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Anne-Cécile Caillaud

Eggs (from "The Liquid Showdowns") © Anne-Cécile Caillaud

The Queen (from "The Liquid Showdowns") © Anne-Cécile Caillaud

Refuge (from "The Liquid Showdowns") © Anne-Cécile Caillaud

Starship Trooper (from "The Liquid Showdowns") © Anne-Cécile Caillaud

Arrow (from "The Liquid Showdowns") © Anne-Cécile Caillaud

Anne-Cécile Caillaud Graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in 2009 with MA Communication Design, pathway Photography

"The Liquid Showdowns"

"My work can be described as large modern still-lives, focusing on narratives behind the idea of "Lost and Found".
Over time, the Regent's Canal waterway became a fascinating element of my surroundings and a daily landscape of my life in east London. I am interrested in the discared objects floating in the water. I used the process of isolating them in an inky void, which gives to each of these curious items a new meaning by capturing this odd and unique moment where they are out of their usual context, drifting unrealistically in a dark flow. The images are suspended in moments of uncertainty, leaving sensations of calm. The obvious confrontation of two different worlds appears. When nature suddenly encounters urbanity, it creates a confusing space. It is a combination of an entirely pure element with its own wildlife in direct breakdown with the products of mankind, which makes it a poetic, hybrid territory.

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TanyaY said...

Absolutely amazing photos!!!! what camera do you use?
great job!

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