Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Ben Baxter

Tree (from "Dead Space") © Ben Baxter

Green (from "Dead Space") © Ben Baxter

Flower Bed (from "Dead Space") © Ben Baxter

Fan (from "Dead Space") © Ben Baxter

Bench (from "Dead Space") © Ben Baxter

Ben Baxter Graduated from University for the Creative Arts - Rochester in 2009 with BA (Hons) Photography

"Dead Space"

"This series looks at modern urban development and the public domain around central London. The trend is new public space is no longer one in which all kinds of people can enjoy diverse activity. Instead the space is defined and dictated by a select group of people and the results are drenched in over-planning and pomposity. The promise of a new public plaza is often just an attractive compromise and a subsidiary thought. Consequently the resulting spaces reflect just that; mediocre token gestures that ultimately discourage public bustle."


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this too will pass said...

intersting take on urban streetscapes