Monday, 7 September 2009

Ralph Mackenzie

(Scanner Dance) 1m12s - Transit Cop by Beastie Boys © Ralph Mackenzie

(Mother's Lights) Living Room Ceiling © Ralph Mackenzie

(Mother's Lights) Master Bedroom Ceiling © Ralph Mackenzie

(Scanner Dance) Tri-Colour Composite © Ralph Mackenzie

(Self Portrait) Tri-Colour Composite © Ralph Mackenzie

Ralph Mackenzie Graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2009 with BA (hons) Fine Art Photography

“My work is dedicated to the redefining of conventional fine art processes; questioning the methods that we perceive today to be the norm, and attempting to break these processes down to rebuild them into something new and unique. I work with basic technologies; seeking those that may be altered to serve a new purpose in its lifetime. To have a different voice. Many devices can lend themselves towards a hybridisation with other media, leading me to my “scanner camera” project: a camera device built with a conventional flatbed scanner as a receiver and a box brownie as the focussing device.

The technical limitations of the scanner camera were obvious from its inception. “Scanner Dance” exposes just one of these: the scanner's registration of movement. With the duration of the scan being one minute and twelve seconds, all of the songs in my own music collection of that duration were played whilst I danced in front of the lens, forcing the scanner to represent the movements in thick black streaks across the image at a rate of one image per song. The scanner's sensitivity to light and the necessity to have powerfully lit subjects led to “Mother's Lights”, a documentation of all of the lights in my mother's house. The scanner's inability to scan in colour has also led to colour studies in the form of filtered exposures and tri-colour composites to achieve a colour image.”

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