Sunday, 11 October 2009

Isabel Arbeláez

Chrystalline Light (from "So it Goes...") © Isabel Arbelaez

Fluffed Stuffing (from "So it Goes...") © Isabel Arbelaez

Half Developed (from "So it Goes...") © Isabel Arbelaez

Surface Ice Crashing (from "So it Goes...") © Isabel Arbelaez

Wintering Heron (from "So it Goes...") © Isabel Arbelaez

Isabel Arbeláez Graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2009 with BA (hons) Fine Art Photography

“So It Goes…”

“This body of work places emphasis on the aesthetic value of light and subject. How to create a sense of amazement, freshness to life and the photographic medium were main concerns. These images expound their singularity, their delicate renderings, their subtle likenesses. One is confronted with a point of view where there is indistinguishable treatment of animal (living), man (living), hybrid still life (imbued with life), background/foreground/middle ground (photographic life). It exudes ideas and feelings of polarities, cycles, sheer fulfilled happiness and amazement. This magic is fully grounded in death and solitude, where the gaze from one creation to the next or the gaze into simple abysmal nothingness (of beautiful tone) will seemingly float away in its treatment and spatial lightness.”

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